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Simple Cardamom Lip Balm
Simple Cardamom Lip Balm Simple Cardamom Lip Balm

Simple Cardamom Lip Balm



Marble & Milkweed's signature creamy organic base scented with spicy, warming organic cardamom.


- Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic sesame oil, organic essential oil of cardamom, non-gmo vitamin e, local beeswax

- As always, please consult your doctor about using any product containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.

- Slim, purse-friendly tube.

- .35oz/10g compostable paper tube

- Handcrafted

- By Marble & Milkweed

- Made in NYC, USA


Disarmingly analog and made carefully by hand, Marble & Milkweed products are designed to simplify the way you care for yourself. Our deep commitment to sourcing organic and fair-trade ingredients sets us apart in a market increasingly crowded with so-called "all-natural" options. Our products are gentle and contain no harsh synthetic additives or artificial scents. We are conscious of the impact our packaging has on the environment and strive to reduce unnecessary packaging. We use glass bottles and jars, and compostable paper packaging, all of which can have lives beyond their first use. Taking good care of yourself truly goes hand in hand with caring for the planet.

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