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Saipua Rose Geranium Soap
Saipua Rose Geranium Soap Saipua Rose Geranium Soap

Saipua Rose Geranium Soap



An intoxicating and uplifting floral essential oil blend from Saipua focuses on rose geranium. Contains saponified oils of olive, palm, coconut, and castor with shea butter and essential oils.


- 4 oz

- Handcrafted soap

- No artificial dyes or fragrances

- Made in the USA


Saipua soaps are carefully crafted in small batches using 40-60% olive oil, and scented with only essential oils. Each bar is hand-cut, air dried and cured in their New York studio. Saipua has hand poured, cut and wrapped over 1 million bars of olive oil soap and candles and traveled around the globe arranging flowers. As a small family business they often talk about how our most valuable assets are their people. There exists a dynamic and powerful community of people who support and inspire them in immeasurable ways.

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