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Lemongrass Interior Fragrance
Lemongrass Interior Fragrance Lemongrass Interior Fragrance

Lemongrass Interior Fragrance



Lemongrass interior fragrance from Ayurveda Apothecary contains refreshing lemongrass, which relieves fatigue and anxiety. Spray in room or on linen to clear, refresh, and balance.


- 1.7 oz | 50 ml

- Made in USA and Canada


Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old natural healing science from India grounded in the premise that the mind, body, and environment synthesize to create a holistic vision of well being.    


Ayurveda Apothecary is the plant-derived apothecary line formulated by Ayurveda practitioners at Yoke. Inspired by living close to the land, these hand-blended products are formulated seasonally with a commitment to green beauty. Each formulation is fortified, wildcrafted, and infused to balance the five great elements in nature: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

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