Baby You're a Firework! New Printable Posters by Chaunté Vaughn
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Chaunté Vaughn Printable Poster No. 2 (Fireworks)
Chaunté Vaughn Printable Poster No. 2 (Fireworks) Chaunté Vaughn Printable Poster No. 2 (Fireworks) Chaunté Vaughn Printable Poster No. 2 (Fireworks)

Chaunté Vaughn Printable Poster No. 2 (Fireworks)



Printable Posters:


I love big art. The kind that can really fill up the space over a couch or the bed. But it can be hard to find, and when I do, it usually costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.


So we're really excited to now offer a series of digital download art that you can print yourself! You have a lot to choose from -- over 2 dozen printable posters in the shop right now, with more being added every month.


About the artist for this collection, Chaunté Vaughn:


Raised in the heart of Las Vegas by a special effects makeup artist and a chiropractor, Chaunté now resides in Brooklyn, NY. She can often be found scouring vintage stores for new jumpsuits with a mini dachshund named Dakota Fanning.




- Digital download PDF will be emailed to you almost immediately after purchase.

- PDF includes artwork file along with detailed printing instructions (don't worry, it's easy!)

- You'll be able to take the file to your local reprographics (i.e., blueprint) shop for printing, or anywhere with an engineer printer. Prices can vary widely, so call around to find a good deal. All in, including this download, it should be under $20 for b&w and under $25 for color. For a 4 x 3ft piece of art for your walls, it's a steal!

- Can be printed up to 48" x 36" (aka huge).

- Original photograph by Chaunté Vaughn.

- 5 other photographs in this series (6 total).

- Over 24 printable posters in the shop to choose from, with more being added every month.

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